"Tooltip" molecule (http://www.nanohive-1.org) "Tooltip" molecule (http://www.nanohive-1.org)
Z-DNA Real B-DNA (note methyl mutations)
Piano for a customer Reticulated Universe
A raytraced piano keyboard Another raytraced piano keyboard,
a frame from hrpiano.zip.
A tangle of 30,000 rainbow spheres A mathematical supercoil
made into 10,000 postcards
DNA molecule Bucky Ball
Stereo DNA molecule
(Cross your eyes and focus
on the 'middle' image)
Logo design for an Internet provider
Time-domain Fourier voice print
of Captain Kirk's communicator
Where Superman lives!
An experimental wall-fixing
rendered for a product brochure
Cutaway view of same wall-fixing
shown in use
A neighbour's 3d yacht made from
2d plans, and rendered with POVRay.
Heightfield of Turin Shroud for
"In Whose Image", Bloomsbury Press
A polygonal rendering of the earth
using the Vivid raytracer
Heightfield of the Earth

These images are popular with companies to display in their foyer with their logos in the scenes to add a certain "je ne sais quoi".

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