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Andy Lee Robinson Pg. Dip. MIT is an experienced IT consultant, analyst and programmer having worked with all aspects of web publishing since its conception.

He is passionate about science, computer aided art and technology, and has three decades of programming experience to help innovate creative solutions to interesting and novel problems.

He manages a cluster of highly available linux servers running a few social networking sites and selected clients, and has time to explore and experiment with interesting stuff for fun and even food.

He enjoys travelling, but much prefers remote working using great tools such as Skype, MSN, ICQ, VNC and best of all, SSH on a linux terminal.

He is especially familiar with Redhat flavour Linuxes such as Fedora and Centos, and fluent with most aspects of system administration and security, optimization, automation and simplification.

Core expertise include: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Bash, sendmail, iptables, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, SSH tunnelling, geoip-based transparent proxying, MySQL multiple master/slave topology and load balancing and log processing.

He plans at some stage to publish some solutions that others may find useful such as adaptive threat detection, reporting and defence, and detecting, analyzing and reporting high volumes of spam, of which the system processes some 10,000 messages per day.

That means, if you want to try to break into this system, you'll probably fail and be reported to your service provider with a full set of evidence.

For those curious to know how you arrived here from sites such as Climate Progress or the Daily Kos,

I became interested in climate science and fascinated by the shocking decline of Arctic sea ice - the most sensitive canary in the coalmine indicator of the effect that CO2 is having on our home.

I followed the science, researched the data and used my experience and intuition to create the iconic Arctic Death Spiral.

It went viral, and I estimate it's had about two million views so far.

It sums up very succinctly, artistically and vividly what is happening, and anyone that isn't as shocked by it as me, really doesn't (or doesn't want to), understand the implications.

I will update it every month as new data comes in.

Feel free to look around - I haven't paid much attention to this site for the last 15 years, but I have a bit more incentive to bring it more up to date - It's not so easy to make one site that combines Linux system administration, cybersecurity, climate science, graphics, povray performance benchmarks and music, but I'll try.

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